Carpet Tips

How to protect your upholstery from damage

Spotting most spills and spots can be removed easily if the excess is scooped up or blotted immediately with plain water or a neutral spotter but be sure to read the manufactures warnings and always use caution if your spotting leather or dry clean only fabrics.

Controlling soil – your armrest, seat cushions, headrest, and pillows are more susceptible to soil buildup. By using arm covers and rotating cushions often you can prolong the fabric life and the appearance.

Removal of dry soil- vacuum on a regular basis depending on fabric and construction we also recommend brushing upholstery this will remove dust and dry particles.

How often should you clean your upholstery – we recommend every 12-24 months. More frequently for heavily soil fabrics or a member of your family suffers from allergies or respiratory sensitivity.

Our furniture gives us more than we can give to it.  By showing it a little tender love and care and following complete interiors cleaning suggestions your furniture can continue doing what it does best for many years to come -and it will look good doing it!

Carpet Cleaning Tips

Everyone has carpet in their home and office; they get dirty from every day walk in soil, drink spills and dust. Maintaining your carpets clean and sanitize is necessary for your health and adds beauty to your home. The cleaning of the carpet its not an easy process, if you have children in your home then you know that they can spill food on the carpet and removing this stain can be challenge for you. Here are some tips, which can help you to remove a food spill.

In order to remove spill the first thing you need to do is that pick up the spill from the outer edge of the spill to the center of the spill. You can pick up the spill with your hand or with a spoon. Don’t try to use a paper towel on the spill because with this process the spill will increase on the surface.  Once removing all solids from the spill then you need to blot the spill with a white towel. You can use paper towel or cotton towel. You can blot the spill by using the white towel pushing down onto the spill, but do not rub the spill. Hold the pressure of the towel onto the stain for a few seconds. Now pick the towel and check that the spill is transferred to the towel.

If the spill is transferring then use the clean surface of the white towel and repeat the process so the stain does not transfer any more. Once spill is not transferring on to the towel proceed by cleaning the area.  Use a spray bottle filled warm water.  Spray the spill with water and blot until there is no transfer of the spill onto the white towel.

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