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Steam vs. Dry Carpet Cleaning

dry carpet cleanerA little-understood, yet important consideration when selecting a carpet cleaning professional is the types of technology used by companies providing carpet cleaning services.  We take a closer look at the pros and cons of dry carpet cleaning systems and steam cleaning systems to help you get a sense of what will work best for the condition of carpets in your home and/or office.  


A dry cleaning (very low-moisture) solution for carpet maintenance goes a bit beyond your typical vacuum cleaner routine. Dry carpet cleaning offers deep cleansing power by supplementing with compound cleaning agents to pre-treat fibers and break down dirt prior to the actual machine cleaning. The cleaning agents are brushed or buffed into the carpet, and then are removed during cleaning, along with all of the dirt, oils and other sediments that loosen when the cleansers are embedded between the fibers. The cleansers can also add protection to carpet fibers to prevent future stains, much like you might apply a stain shield spray to furnishings. 


 The system is more conventionally used for residential purposes when homeowners are seeking spot treatment, but it’s also ideal in scenarios when you would have a harder time limiting traffic on the carpet (such as at the entryway or hallway in a commercial space). Dry cleaning systems are less expensive than steam cleaners, and because they use less moisture, leave homeowners with a faster dry time. The treated rooms are typically only out of service for 30 minutes to an hour.


For individuals and families who struggle with allergies or sensitivities to scents, steam cleaning can be the best way to deep clean or spot clean carpets in the home. The water vapor produced contains no smell, and it’s an effective way to kill bacteria and lift dirt that contributes to other bothersome scents. Unlike sprays and dry cleansers, steam cleaning a carpet won’t inject substances that would leave residue on the carpet fibers. 


 Steam cleaning is a really effective and efficient way to lift build up from the carpet fibers, including mold and pet scents. It also is effective at improving the appearance of carpets that have been neglected over time. The restorative effects can almost always be seen in high traffic areas, such as on hallway carpets on which foot traffic creates a compressed “path” over time. When all other cleaning attempts fail, steam cleaning is often a “last chance” solution that will offer results.

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