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Is Your Carpet Cleaner Good for Your Health and the Environment?

Many people ask about the safety of cleaning products used by professional carpet cleaning services.  There are definite benefits by asking the right questions or doing proper research before embarking on that “money saving” DIY project.  The following excerpt of information provided by Home Advisor explores the benefits that accrue from doing the proper due diligence.

The carpet in your home takes a lot of abuse, suffering through trampling, spills, and plenty of dirt throughout the course of a year. When it comes time to clean the carpet — either with a professional carpet cleaning service or a as a DIY project — using harsh chemicals might not be a very good solution for preserving the carpet, the environment, and your own personal health. For those reasons many people today are turning to greener alternatives for carpet cleaning. Here are some of the benefits that green carpet cleaning can have for your family, your home and the earth. 

 Fewer Toxins Released into the Environment 

Harsh chemicals that are used in carpet cleaning often have a significant negative impact on the environment. During the carpet cleaning chemicals are released into the air (the same air you and your family will have to breathe after the carpet cleaners are gone), and after they are used to clean up the spots on your carpet, these chemicals are poured, dumped, or rinsed down the drain where they can be potentially harmful to the water supply. 

 The majority of traditional carpet cleaning mixtures use a long list of harsh chemicals in order to lift the stains of your everyday life out of the carpet. While it can leave you with clean and shiny carpet, the price that the environment pays for the toxins left behind can be steep. Greener or more earth-friendly alternatives often include ingredients that are nontoxic and biodegradable. In addition, these products often come in packaging that is recyclable to reduce landfill waste.

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